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We perform all website updates for you, so you can concentrate on running your business (Choose our Promotional Package).

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CLP Marketing firm has deep passion, dedication, commitment and marketing skills to increase your sales and business awareness.  Let us put our 25+ years experience to work for your business with an engaging website design. Your success is our success! We care.

"When they find you,

they will come..." -- SEO

You need a great website that works for you and powerful SEO services that get your business found on top search engines like Google and Bing. CLP provides affordable entry-level website design & search engine optimization (SEO) packages to  'high-end' business websites with on-going SEO strategies.  


Your authority in internet marketing for large businesses, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

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Get ready for success.

You have a story to tell your customers. Web-ready video reaches your customers 24/7 anytime, anywhere internet access is available. Mobile-ready video is the most engaging tool for your website.

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It all starts with a engaging website optimized for mobile viewing by CLP Marketing LLC.

We take care of web development and all website updates. Available: LOGO design, photo sessions, graphics & web-ready (pdf) documents for marketing. 

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Developing a key project or maximizing your website presence isn't as hard as

you think, when you have

our personal consultant to review your account and

set you on the road for a positive return on investment.



Your on-line social presence will increase your business  awareness & reputation.  PKG includes: weekly facebook social profile updates,

complimentary  business advocacy

free :30 minutes/ month website updates, no charge.

CLP performs all website updates. 

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Initial Consulting

Do you have a website that is not generating business? Expert review of your business marketing is just an email or phone call away.



 Video is an ideal marketing tool. See the power of video with a cutting-edge video for large screen presentations, events or EXPO showcases.

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Get on the web fast with an effective on-line store.

It's your own store! Get the results you want with CLP Marketing LLC.

From any mobile device, phone or desktop computer, a potential customer can access your website or video and contact you anytime, anywhere.

We get you found on google searches when customers look for your business, services or products. Get the power of SEO by the Indiana marketing experts at CLP Marketing LLC.

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Let us tell your story.  CLP Marketing LLC is vested in your success.

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