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"Enjoy the outdoors and let your website work for you!"

Website Design 
Web Design, Web Updates, Marketing & SEO for Businesses  

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About CLP Marketing

"We are a full service marketing firm:

Website design, web updates, SEO & social media for businesses & nonprofits"

As a successful business entrepreneur and TV freelancer with 32 years experience,

 Cari Parrish, director of production has the technical savvy and creative talents, combined with extreme passion and tenacity to create and maintain your professional business website.



To have a successful, high-ranking website is mostly technical today. Ever-changing technical guidelines mandate a website to be secure, fast and mobile-friendly.

New Client's FAQ QUESTION:  

What is your best asset?

Our answer:  Our amazing customer service!

"Service IS Everything."

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Cari Parrish, owner

and director of production for

CLP Marketing LLC

--Cari is a former freelance TV technical director of the Olympic Centennial Games, FOX Sports, Local News, Hollywood sitcoms, and ESPN.

About CLP Marketing

32 years experience matters.

We Focus on Results

Super Client Reviews

Testimonials from Clients of CLP Marketing LLC

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"Cari is very passionate about her work - from each word in a script to stunning website design! It is truly a FIVE STAR Service!"

Trine University, Indiana

Mike McNamara, Retired Professor &  Chairman of COM 

five star rating icon, CLP Marketing LLC

"CLP Hit it out of the park!

We all agree, CLP Marketing exceeded our expectations and delivered more than promised. We are extremely happy!"

Angola Housing Authority

five star rating icon, CLP Marketing LLC



"I've had the privilege of working with Cari Parrish on a number of television productions in Los Angeles. It's a tough and demanding environment, and I have seen her success on many highly visible network and syndicated productions. She is widely respected for her leading edge technical abilities, but she also brings with them a wonderful creative gift. 

In production, Cari is right at the center of the action, often working under intense pressure. She has coolness under fire, and a keen grasp of changing technologies and techniques. I believe these, combined with her strong managerial and marvelous "people skills", are behind her success.

In approaching a project, Cari is a quick study.  She will quickly capture your concepts, then convey your message as only a skilled and gifted filmmaker can. On a website, as on a screen, it is all about capturing and engaging the viewer. And marketing is really all about great storytelling.  

Cari Parrish is a winning storyteller.


I suppose all creative people are passionate about what they do, and Cari certainly is too. But her work has a special polish that makes it unique, and sets it apart. It might come from her Hollywood experience, but I think it mostly comes from within. And above all, 

Cari Parrish is an absolute pleasure to work with."


 Bob Bowen, Award-winning Sitcom Technical Director, 

Hollywood, CA​

Super Client Reviews

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